Change Management

Everything I do is about change. So change management is a natural progression. 2016 saw my first official project with change management in the title. I’m looking forward to adding more.


  • Collaborating with multiple departments to implement content related changes.
  • Understanding how changes to content processes reveal broader issues within an organization.
  • Holding the vision of a project while navigating resistance within departments
  • Bringing a mix of empathy and firmness to difficult conversations
  • Providing an upbeat and optimistic approach, and practical solutions to seemingly overwhelming tasks


  • Change Management Communications

    Change Management Communications

    Provided change management communications support to replace regular phonelines at Nutrien’s Saskatoon office with digital phones connected to the Office 365 suite. Included developing messaging for leadership, management and staff, and organizing a training program for the new system.

  • Change Management Communications Specialist, PotashCorp

    Change Management Communications Specialist, PotashCorp

    Provided communications services to support a change management program involving an enterprise-wide (5,000 employees) software upgrade and roll-out. The roll-out took place a dozen sites across multiple time zones and three countries and involved varying levels of internal and back-of-house changes at different locations.

  • Government of Saskatchewan

    Government of Saskatchewan

    As content strategist for the Government of Saskatchewan’s content migration from to, I encounter change management issues regularly. The Government of Saskatchewan included requirements for change management in their request for services, since different ministries within the government have varying capacities to adapt to new guidelines and business processes that accompany a content migration.